XLPE Cable Termination

XLPE Cable Termination
Seats Per Date: 15
Workshop Duration: 1 Day
XLPE Cable Termination


The use of Medium Voltage XLPE cables has become common practice in both the industrial and commercial environments and thus the requirement for trained personnel to undertake the termination of these cables are on the increase.

It is a documented fact that most cable failures occur at the termination due to various aspects such as incorrect termination practices, partial discharge and incorrect product selection.

Purpose of programme

This condensed programme examines the theoretical aspects of the correct methods of stripping XLPE cables in preparation for the termination, the reasons for all the components of the heat shrink type termination kits as well as the correct method of product application. Stress control and methods of reducing partial discharge is also highlighted.

The practical aspect of the above is applied and demonstrated during the practical component of the course.

Target Audience

Electricians, electrical technicians and cable jointers who are tasked with the termination of Medium Voltage XLPE cables will benefit from this programme.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

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