Medium Voltage Factory and Site Acceptance

Medium Voltage Factory and Site Acceptance
Seats Per Date: 15
Workshop Duration: 1 Day
Medium Voltage Factory and Site Acceptance


Through past experience, it has been noted that the personnel responsible for the witnessing of factory and site acceptance testing, are not familiar with the various testing procedures that are required to be applied to ensure the correct functionality of components and the switchboard in its entirety.

The persons tasked to undertake the witnessing of the various specified tests must therefore understand the application and required parameters in order to take responsibility for the correct function of the switchgear before leaving the factory and during the commissioning phase.

Purpose of the programme

To enlighten candidates to the purpose and reasons of the various tests applied to the components making up the assembly, as well as the application of the various testing apparatus and the expected results or parameters.

It is always the best policy to preempt possible failures or design flaws before the switchgear is removed to site and this is where the understanding and application of the correct testing procedures play a vital role.

Target Audience

  • Consulting Electrical Engineers
  • Electrical Supervisors
  • Site and Facilities Managers Electrical Contractors

Upcoming Workshop Dates

# Date Register
1 1 June 2020 Register
2 6 August 2020 Register
3 21 October 2020 Register