Introduction to Medium Voltage Switchgear

Introduction to Medium Voltage Switchgear
Seats Per Date: 15
Workshop Duration: 1 Day
Introduction to Medium Voltage Switchgear


This programme was designed to introduce the electrician to the aspects, components and functioning of medium voltage switchgear. The average electrician is not exposed to MV switchgear during their electrical training/apprenticeship which focuses mainly on the low voltage aspect of the electrical field.

This course will highlight the design, components and the function thereof and the various types of medium voltage switchgear that are available today. It also offers a broad understanding of the various MV switchgear products available at entry level.

Purpose of the programme

To expose the electrician or electrical technician to the components utilized in the construction of the MV switchgear panel and the application of the various types of panels and their functions such as incoming and feeder panels, bus sections etc.

Also highlighted in this course is the different configuration of MV panels available such as withdraw able switchgear, fixed pattern, switch disconnectors and ring main units.

Target Audience

  • Consulting Engineers that have not been exposed to MV switchgear
  • Electricians
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Electrical Supervisors
  • Facilities Managers

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