Operate on Medium Voltage Networks

Operate on Medium Voltage Networks
Unit Standard: 259204
NQF Level: 4
Credits: 20
Seats Per Date: 6
Course Duration: 5 Days
CESA Approved
Operate on Medium Voltage Networks

This unit standard is for persons in the Medium Voltage reticulation environment.

The person credited with this unit standard is capable of carrying out operating on Medium Voltage networks by doing:

  • Switching of apparatus.
  • Linking of apparatus.
  • Safety testing and earthing of apparatus.
  • Prepare apparatus for safe/working conditions [where applicable].
  • Returning apparatus to service.

This unit standard will contribute to the full development of the learner within the electrical engineering and construction environment by providing recognition, further mobility and transportability within the field of Physical Planning and Construction. The skills, knowledge and understanding demonstrated within this unit standard are essential for social and economic transformation and upliftment within the electrical engineering and construction environment. 

Operating on Medium Voltage Networks (unit standard 259204), which has a theoretical as well as a practical component will address this specific need, and will provide the operator with the necessary skills to confidently carry out work on their networks.

The course caters for both the Municipal/Utility as well as the Commercial/ Industrial applications, where a dedicated Control Officer may not be available to issue the operating instructions.

The content covers the overhead line type networks as required by the unit standard, but the emphasis of the course is based primarily on indoor medium voltage substations.

The dynamics of standby generation is evolving with the load requirements being constantly increased to accommodate not only critical loads, but non-essential loads as well, and this has resulted in medium voltage generation, or the stepping up of conventional 400V generation, a viable option.

This progression has resulted in a new set of challenges, as most electrical personnel are not firstly familiar with the MV systems, and secondly the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that all personnel who operate within the MV spectrum must be deemed competent to do so. This was another reason for the development of the course, which will assist in this matter.

The aim of this training is also to assist Universities and FET Colleges, where the lack of practical facilities is proving to be restrictive, and we are hoping to offer some real ‘hands on’ experience to the young Technicians and Engineers who have a good theoretical background, but lack in the practical application thereof.

The course duration is 5 days, which consists of 3 days of theory, 1 day of practical training and 1 day of practical assessment.

 The following aspects are covered in the 5 days:

  • Single line diagrams
  • Ring and radial circuits
  • Plan and prepare to switch
  • Switching/isolation of apparatus
  • Linking of apparatus
  • Safety testing and earthing of apparatus
  • Prepare apparatus for safe/working conditions
  • Lock out procedures
  • Issue of work permits
  • Return apparatus to service

All practical aspects are performed under the supervision of the Facilitator and the final assessment is done with each individual learner.

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